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Friday, April 18, 2008

Without Internet!!

Can you imagine that you have your internet at home and you happily browsing your blog or doing something important,then suddenly the provider has been shut off??simply saying that you dont have a connection??You called to the tech support to report the problem but the tech support tells you that there is a minor problemin the system and they do not know what it is?How would you feel about it??.
As Of Now! Thats why I'm doing this entry in a notepad in the computer, because my connection has been shut off because of some technical problem in my provider.How does it feel??? Damn those provider! I need to finished something in my homework! What I feel??! Teribble! Angry! what else??..well, I have nothing else to do but to wait to fully recover, Life is like that, we must respect others because we are just using their system.we cannot blame them, because sometime, we encounter that is not expected to happen..atleast I wrote an entry to this blog..hehehe..hopefully it will comeback soon enough...hmmmmm..:(

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