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Sunday, April 13, 2008

E-Commerce Security Issues

There are many Security issues concerning e-commerce business today, First and foremost, privacy invasion, almost all the e-commerce business now they transact by the use of credit card, the person who is buying will provided there card number and some information of that person, we cannot tell whether the aministrator will not revile it to the public, trust I say is one of the great factor, look at the site first before you sent out information, Secondly, Copyright infringement. what is a copyright ingfringement? It is like a piracy thing, but you'll buy it to the user that has one of that thing, Lastly, music infringement, what it is? I perhaps you know Limewire and Barshare, these are some example of music infringement, you can download music for free without any bad circimstances.

I my own opinion its good to have e-commerce business because, we can easily buy things that we want in much cheaper price than in the market, and most of all easy to find what you want, However, I my experience, I have pain in the neck with it, i was trying to buy a gadget and I talk to the seller, he send me an email just like the image of the site, even you cannot notice it, then I send money to him, guess what! I didn't know that I was being fraud already. The only thing that I can advice now is you must read what is what in the site, how should payment be done in a safe way, because every e-commerce business has safe way to buy things. Even I had bad experience, it didn't change my mind not to buy again, I was my mistake not the site..

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