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Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Own Composition!!

A Broken Heart
By: Jaye Lester Mempin

Never know that a girl can hurt a boy so much.
It hurt more than any weapon can compare.
One you realize, you lost it, you might just lost forever
Lost of feeling, lost of hope lost o everything
You and I might only be together for a few days.
But it hurt, forever without you I really don’t know what to do,
Only a lost soul hanging on the street.

Now I can only hope you would be mine
But, I know this hope will never come true
I still wish you that without me you will love more happy.

She grabbed my hand and whipped the tears from her eyes
Kisses me softly a she told me goodbye.
My heart is pounding as she walked away.
There was nothing I could do but so much I wanted to say.
She close the door, tears were rolling down my face
I feel the floor with no one to embrace.
I wanted to stop her but something inside held me back probably my pride
I let her go thought it tore me apart

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