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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Products that people usually do not buy Online??

Nowadays we all know that there are many shopping website in the internet, it provides us goods for a convenient way to purchase, we only use credit card or other forms of payment in the internet. However, there are products that people usually don’t want to buy online. First, Food, because food can be easily crushed in shipping, have molds in it or worst the food will be spoiled. Secondly, real states and house and lot. Even though that many website offers house and lot, but they only use as advertising, usually people want to buy, contact the in charge of the property. Lots of money is involved, you cannot trust a person immediately, we don’t know maybe they just after your money. Lastly, Cars or furniture’s, we need to test drive or check it before we will buy it, we don’t know maybe there is a defective of it. So, when you buy online, make sure that it is in good condition and pick what you will buy.

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