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Friday, April 25, 2008

Page Rank

I know almost all of you in blogging wants to earn money from it right? But how would you get more sponsors and will payed you more even double? The answer is increase your page rank(PR). A page rank is a system when your website/blog is being rank acccording to the traffic of your website/blog. Page rank also help search engine optimization, for example a person search a phrase/word in a search engine, you will see many results for it, thats the job of the page rank, a search engine displays only the closest matches of the phrase you entered, so if you page rank is high, many people will visit your site then your traffice rate in your site/blog will increase, advertisers are looking for high page rank and you can ask bigger amount just to post a review for it, as a result, big money comes to you.

How will your page rank increase, simple just visit other sites, exchange links to other bloggers and lastly update your blog always.

here is a link to check what is your page rank: Page Rank Checker


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