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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ms. USA Falls down Again!!

Once again Ms. USA falls down in the recent Ms. Universe 2008 that was held at Vietnam, this is the second consecutive times that Ms. USA fall, but even though she made it in the top 10 finalist. This was only thing she has to say with the fall.

“Oh, man, you know, I walked out and tripped on the step and my dress got caught under my shoe,” she related. “It was almost like I was on roller skates, and I just fell. When I was walking out, the last thing on my mind was falling,” Stewart said. “One thing you don’t want to do in an evening gown is trip … and fall on your bottom. The thing is how you handle it. You just pick yourself up — in life in general.”

But again, she has the confidence to get up and walk to the whole stadium with out a fear that people will react on a bad side.

See this video to see how did she fall in the pageant night.

1 comment:

Sreisaat said...

Ano ba yan!?! Baka na-jinx si Ms. USA??? Abangan natin next year hahahaha.

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