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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cisco Certification

Currently I am a 4th year student taking the up Information technology. I took up this course because I was influenced by the arising technology world. Since it is now in the 20th century, the century of technology, I was inspired to be one of the computer expert in the world, to be known and be known.

I’ve heard this CISCO certification in our class, specifically the Networking class. Well, in my experience, CISCO is not that hard to learned, you just need to pay attention in your professor. Did you think its just easy to learned it?Definitely NO!, it requires analogical and critical thinking, math lover is also an advantage with this course since its composed of convertion numbers to binary,hexadecimal and a like. In addition this course have ip address formulation, which means there is a given ip address and you need to formulate other ip addresses to connect to other computer. And luckily I got high grades with this subject. This is one step away to be a CISCO Certified proffesional.

This Cisco certification program equips us with necessary skills on how to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot router and switched networks. I myself undergone several exercises and activities in our class, and most of all the skill test which you will network several stations for an allotted time.

In reality, computer job opportunities is rapidly emerging in the society. In line with this, Cisco certified professional is one of the top ranking professionals needed in the company. Why Cisco not programmers? First of all,the two has big difference between them, programmers is in coding and thinking and analogy, but Cisco certified professionals need skills,mental thinking and analogy. So me myself I’m planning to get a Cisco certification as soon as I finishing my bachelor degree in IT. I know this will be a great enhancment to my credibility as IT professional.

So what are you waiting for??try the traning at CISCO, and make you future better!

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