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Friday, February 22, 2008

Spend Your Money Wisely..

1.Find clothes on sale. Look for clearance sales at stores.

2.Avoid splurging too much at once. If you go out to the movies, for example, don't buy movie theatre snacks. Instead, after the theatre, get a milkshake or doughnut from a store nearby.

3.If your job does not take up all your time, get a part-time job to make more money. Even if this job is a once-a-week thing, if it means more money, go for it!

4. Do not get a credit card unless you are under deadly circumstances. A credit card just tempts you to splurge out.

5. Compile a list of what you need, and what you want. Budget for it so that when your salary comes in, you can buy what is on the list. Don't buy anything that is not on the list, though. Include food, clothes, and extras for the kids.

6. Know when to limit yourself. If you are a magazine obssessed person and you buy 10 thousand magazines each month, stop! Choose one or two of your favorite magazines and subscribe to them for a year.

7. Don't go out and spend all of your money at the pub, drinking. It is such a waste. Limit yourself to a couple of drinks or no drinks per week. Or youcan just quit drinking altogether. IT will save you a lot of money.

8. Go through all of your old stuff, sort out a section that you don't want and sell it. Hold a garage sale or auction off stuff on eBay. Instant cash!

9. Avoid borrowing money. It adds up to the cost. You really want something. Put it on a list, and get it next month.

10. Limit your computer, telephone, television, radio, and electricity time. Use candles instead of lights, watch less TV (if you are obsessed limit yourself to one TV show a day), don't bother listening to the radio, go and visit your friends instead of calling them.

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