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Monday, February 25, 2008

Computer Games Addiction

Many Students now are fun with computer games specially that DOTA games, they are cutting classes just to play or even worst absent for the class for it. What will get in that game??..for sure will get failing marks in you studies plus scold of your parent. Even examinations many students played, then don’t read their lessons or I should say "Happy Go Lucky".
Do you know that your parents are having difficult time just to get you to school? then what will you do?spend your time with that game!, what happen to you conscience?.. When your parents scolded you, you just ignore them. Hey you! it for your own future.
I is also good, to give you entertainment, but do not over do it, I also played computer games, however I control myself, I played when I have a extra time, like after school and without examinations..
I advice to you, you spend your time in other ways, that has less expensive. Save your money for your future.

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