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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Senior Project / Mini-Thesis

Well, Hi,I am a graduating Information Technology student. My problem now is this! Thesis or let say research paper with technical output. That's what keeping me busy all this months, my groupmates make our research paper in our apartment, they sleep their even eat, just to complete our project. Making project together with you groupmates is fun, foods and even more foods, that's what I like in making project, sleepless night and absence in other classes and worst is sleeping during classes. I have many experiences in making project like these just like our project during last semester, but now its different, more pressure and difficulty.

We had our defense last week, Guess what! we failed! hahahaha.. the decisions of the panels where mutual, RE-DEFENSE! Well, thats student life, you need to undergo this kind of situation even if hurts to your heart. They given us another two weeks to deal this project or else failed and re-enrolled next semester!

5 days from now is our re-defense schedule, our project in just about 30% working, I hope a miracle happen to us so that we can finish this project a pass. Or else, next semester is another agony..huhuhu..I know our Lord will guide us and ME not to be lazy ang work hard!

Hi, after almost a year of resting in blogging, I decided to come back, I am bored..hehehe..but also I need money..hahaha..hopefully I can get money again by blogging, I have a goal for you all other bloggers, I want to exchange links to you! add me up! Thank you..


Anonymous said...

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Mister Wilson said...

Hi there, i also wanted to exchange links with you, i am not new to blogging but i stopped for almost a year and now i am going back to it again, hope we can help each other.

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