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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Twilight Fever!

Twilight fever is now online! I know many of you are now eager to watch this, I have watch it just this afternoon, well, I have many reaction to it even my friends, some of them have already read the book, and they are disappointed with the movie because there are some important parts that have been cut. I cannot blame them, but for me the movie was good I’ll rate it 8/10, because I already read some part of the book, and because of it the part that I was waiting for was not been seen in the movie. I was expecting more part on the climax and the fighting part of it, but I was disappointed it was just a clinch on that part of the book that has been made. But anyway, it is just my reaction towards it, anyone have different reaction to the movie.

Here are some of my positives, the role was really played by good actors and they played it well, congratulations to them, the movie was a success. I recommend this movie to all of you. The genre of this film was no horror, more on the romance part. So all of you there who are thinking and scared to watch it, your are absolutely wrong!

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