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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Warhammer Battle March (for XBOX)

Warhammer Battle March USA XBOX360-APATHY
Thrusting players into Games Workshop’s renowned fantasy world, players will be able to control six unique armies – the Empire, Chaos, Skaven, High Elves as well as the all-new Dark Elf and Orcs & Goblins forces – as they battle for supremacy in a world torn apart by constant warfare. The individual units of each army can be customized in great detail, allowing players to put their own mark on their fighting force and strike fear into their opponents with terrifying combinations of weaponry and armor. Players can also control Heroes and Champions for each army, high-powered units that gain new abilities as they tear through the opposition. On Xbox LIVE, up to four players can engage in massive multi-army clashes in head-to-head and team-based modes of play.

Size: 6.75GB
Region: NTSC-U (Region-locked)
Language: English

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