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Thursday, May 8, 2008


To all vegetarian people out there, here's another recipe thats good and delicious for you all. It's called pinakbet, it easy to cook and very very healthy. Try it now!



1/4 kilo pork with fat, cut into small pieces
2 Amapalya (bitter melons) sliced to bite size pieces
2 eggplants, sliced to bite size pieces
5 pieces of okra, cut in two
1 head garlic, minced
2 onions, diced
5 tomatoes, sliced
1 tablespoon of ginger, crushed and sliced
4 tablespoons bagoong isda or bagoong alamang
3 tablespoons of oil
1 1/2 cup water
Salt and pepper to taste


In a cooking pan, heat oil and fry the pork until brown.

Remove the pork from the pan and set aside.
On the same pan, saute garlic, onion, ginger and tomatoes.
In a casserole, boil water and add bagoong.
Add the pork in the casserole and mix in the sautéed garlic, onion, ginger and tomatoes.

Bring to a boil and simmer for 10 minutes.
Add in all the vegetables and cook until the vegetables are done, careful not to overcook.
Salt and pepper to taste.
Serve hot with plain rice.


Catherine said...

Thanks Jaye for inviting me for ex-link. Of course I'm glad to add you as my blogging friend! Oh so you always cook? It looks great!

4ever7 said...

I don't like pinakbet but your picture makes it look delicious! Mmmmm!!!

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