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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rice hike in the Philippines??

As everyboy is concern, we all know that the price of the rice in the market increases to a extremely high price, 32.00/kgs is the cheapest, while NFA rice is at still 18.00/kgs. MalacaƱang says that the reason of the price increases is because of the world maket rate.

Why do Philippines need to import rice from other countries?? Is Philippines must be exporting rice not importing? We all know that Philippines is one of the supplier of rice in the world. Now we are tasting our own medicine, or I should say we now suffering because of Rice shortage and HIGH PRICES of RICE.

Few weeks ago, a speaker from MalacaƱang have a press conference that the people should not worry because we have enough supply of rice here in our country, but now they are telling that we have rice shortage and we need to import? DAmn!

In my Opinion, this is just another political issue, because elections is fast approaching and political officials need money for their campaign expenses, where do you think they getting their fund from?ofcourse from the corruption. They have commission in importing rice, thats why they are taking advantage of it now.

How can Philippines pay it debts and Improve the Economy??

So people its up to you to decide....

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