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Monday, September 15, 2008

Pawikan(sea Turtle)

We visit a sanctuary of pawikan in Davao city few months ago; we found out that these species is much endangered here in the country. A mother pawikan lays a egg at the coast of the sea, then the care takers took the eggs and put it in the hatchery so that the eggs is well secured. When the egg hatch, the hatchery is be being opened so that the pawikans can go to their natural habitat. An average of 2% can survive in the ocean, let say 20 eggs hatch, only 2 of them survive and come back to their birth place.

Why is it endangered? First and foremost, many fishermen captured pawikans for food. Yes! You heard it right; there are many exotic restaurants here in the country they sell pawikan food about 2,000-3,000 per orders. Secondly, there body or the shell of pawikan is hard; they use it to make guitars and other instruments. Lastly, the survival rate is very low. Well, I myself saw it in person real! So please help our fellow men to protect the pawikans.


Anonymous said...

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Pem said...

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